Tuesday, July 25, 2017

U.S. Navy Ship Fires Warning Shots At Iranian Patrol Boat In The Persian Gulf

Reuters: U.S. Navy ship fires warning shots at Iranian vessel: official

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. Navy ship fired warning shots toward an Iranian vessel near the northern Arabian Gulf on Tuesday after the vessel came within 150 yards (137 meters), a U.S. official told Reuters.

The official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the USS Thunderbolt fired the warning shots after the Iranian vessel ignored radio calls and the ship's whistle. The Thunderbolt was being accompanied by several U.S. Coast Guard vessels.

The Iranian vessel appeared to be from Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the official added.

Years of mutual animosity had eased when Washington lifted sanctions on Tehran last year as part of a deal to curb Iran's nuclear ambitions. But serious differences remain over Iran's ballistic missile program and conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

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OPEC Issues Plea To The U.S. To Curtail Oil Production

CNN: OPEC to U.S.: Please don't pump so much oil!

OPEC has asked a favor of other major producers: Please stop pumping so much and help us balance the market.

The unusual plea was issued Thursday in the cartel's closely-watched monthly report, which found that global markets are still suffering from too much supply.

The report said that balancing the market would "require the collective efforts of all oil producers" and should be done "not only for the benefit of the individual countries, but also for the general prosperity of the world economy."

OPEC said that one producer in particular is to blame: The U.S., where shale producers have continued to ramp up their drilling despite lower crude prices.

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WNU Editor: Not going to happen.

World News Briefs -- July 25, 2017

Reuters: Israel removes Jerusalem metal detectors, Palestinians reject new measures

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel removed metal detectors from entrances to the Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem's Old City on Tuesday in favour of CCTV cameras, hoping to calm days of bloodshed, but Palestinians said the modified security measures were still unacceptable.

Israel installed the detectors at entry points to Al-Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem after two police guards were fatally shot on July 14, setting off the bloodiest clashes between Israelis and Palestinians in years.

The spike in tensions and the deaths of three Israelis and four Palestinians in violence on Friday and Saturday raised international alarm and prompted a session of the United Nations Security Council to consider ways of defusing the crisis.

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Al Aqsa Mosque: Israel to replace metal detectors at Jerusalem holy site with 'smart' surveillance. Israel removes flashpoint metal detectors at Jerusalem holy site.

Muslims keep up shrine boycott despite Israeli concessions.

Russia says military police deployed to monitor Syria cease-fire.

Al-Qaida in Syria snuffs out competition in northwest.

Iran in no mood to renegotiate nuclear deal.

Houthi leader: Yemeni forces will take part in any future conflict with Israel.

Yemeni Houthis release video of missile launch on Saudi oil refinery.

Erdogan: Era of bowing to Western pressure is over.

Jordan mourners chant 'death to Israel' after deadly embassy shooting.


China will protect border with India ‘at all costs’.

Dispatch from Doklam: Indians dig in for the long haul in standoff with China.

N. Korea threatens 'merciless' nuclear strike if U.S. targets Kim Jong Un.

China reinforcing border with North Korea amid tensions.

Vietnam halts South China Sea drilling 'after Chinese threats'.

China backs joint energy development with Philippines in disputed sea.

China shores up claim on South China Sea with high-tech cinema.

Man tipped as China's future president ousted as Xi Jinping wields 'iron discipline'.

Oppression of Muslim minority continues in Myanmar.


'Libyan rivals committed to ceasefire, elections'.

Four years into South Sudan’s civil war, sexual violence being perpetrated on ‘massive scale’, Amnesty report says.

Deepening food crisis pushes Nigeria's northeast closer to famine.

Call for Boko Haram peace talks masks ethnic tensions in Nigeria.

Nigeria has over 50% of the world's out-of-school children.

Tanzanian MP charged for calling president a 'dictator'.

Mali YouTube activist hurt in assassination bid.

Nelson Mandela: Ramlakan book on final days withdrawn.


Italy, NGOs argue over migrant rescue 'code of conduct'.

EU urged to call off Turkish accession talks.

Europe-wide police operation saves hundreds of sex trafficking victims.

Poland's president signs controversial law despite protests.

Heated rhetoric ahead of EU-Turkey showdown.

Swiss police issue international warrant for chainsaw attacker.

Vatican turns off historic fountains amid Rome drought.


Trump lashes out at EU again on trade.

Trump rips into Jeff Sessions as being ‘very weak’ on Clinton, leakers.

McCain’s return sets stage for big Senate health bill vote.

House Russia investigators prepare for Jared Kushner's second day on Capitol Hill.

Venezuela: Boycott of constitution overhaul vote urged.

Despacito stars condemn Venezuela's Maduro over political remix.

El Salvador issues warrants for guerrillas who killed US soldiers during civil war.


Australian terrorists 'may be among 173 ISIS extremists planning to bomb Europe' in revenge of military defeats in the Middle East.

Children survive 'Islamic State' hungry and traumatized.

US soldier pleads not guilty to support for Islamic State.


China set to launch an 'unhackable' internet communication.

Jimmy Choo bought by Michael Kors in £896m deal.

IMF may soon be moving to China – Christine Lagarde.

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- July 25, 2017

Newsweek: Iran And Iraq Military Unite Against 'Terrorism', Creating Potential Problems For U.S.

Iran and Iraq have pledged to join forces against militant fighters and ideology in the region by boosting bilateral defense ties, a move that could present a challenge to U.S. foreign policy goals.

Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan and Iraqi Defense Minister Irfan al-Hiyali met Sunday in Tehran to sign a military agreement aimed at improving joint efforts to curb the influence of jihadis such as the Islamic State militant group. ISIS has conducted deadly attacks in both countries and is still being fought by Iraq with support from Iran and the U.S., but the U.S. has become increasingly concerned about Iran's growing foothold in Iraq. Despite the volatile history of the two majority Shiite-Muslim neighbors and their differing views on Washington, the new deal will reportedly see Iran and Iraq's armed forces work together on a number of strategic levels.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- July 25, 2017

U.S. mum on Iran-Iraq military agreement -- Think Progress

After Mosul Victory, Iraq Mulls Future of Shiite Militias -- Military.com/Canadian Press

Taiwan will not dodge any military threats: defense ministry -- Focus Taiwan

China offers to mediate Djibouti-Eritrea border row as it expands military presence in Africa -- South China Morning Post

'Easier to move a mountain': China vows new military drills amid India spat -- CNN

China's Indian Ocean Ambitions -- Military.com

2 Chinese fighter jets buzz within 150 feet of US nuke ‘sniffer’ aircraft over East China Sea -- RT

Aerial intercepts: China urges US to stop 'unfriendly, dangerous' military activities -- Times of India/AP

US within reach: China shows off new and improved advanced missile system -- South China Morning Post

China says reforms have made military more nimble -- Reuters

Xi Jinping picks war games over military parade for Chinese army’s 90th birthday bash -- SCMP

Chinese warships join Russia in Baltic naval drill -- Financial Times

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Japan inks defense deal with Germany amid China threat -- DW

Car owners, police, fighter pilots, military: Sweden accidentally leaks huge trove of citizen data -- RT

US mulls sending arms to Kiev, doesn’t view move as 'provocative' – US special envoy to Ukraine -- RT

Kremlin comments on US potentially funneling weapons to Kiev -- TASS

U.S. military chief says N. Korea capable of 'limited' missile attack -- Yonhap News Agency

US will either have to put up with North Korea’s nuclear weapons or use force — expert -- TASS

Sweden to hold 'biggest military exercise in decades' with Nato amid fears over Russia -- The Independent

Britain's Challenger 2 Tank Is One of the Best—but It Needs Some Serious Help -- National Interest

US F-15s and RAF tanker in near-miss over north Norfolk coast -- BBC

IS Fighters in Disarray in Iraq Due to Air Power, says US General -- VOA

US Army Europe commander defends need for airborne forces -- Defense News

12 U.S. Paratroopers Hospitalized After Night Jump in Romania -- AP

Sailor error led to failed US Navy ballistic missile intercept test -- Defense News

Mattis Blasts Pentagon for Complacency and Wastefulness -- Military.com/AP

Mattis: $28 million wasted on Afghan uniforms 'must not be seen as inconsequential' -- Military Times

Is A New Military Oath Really The Best We Can Do To Fight Veteran Suicide? -- Adam Linehan, Task & Purpose

U.S. Navy Releases Video On Latest Tests Of Their Electromagnetic Railgun

Daily Mail: US Navy reveals the latest test of 'Star Wars' electromagnetic railgun that fires projectiles at 4,500mph and can penetrate concrete 100 miles away

* Railgun exceeds accelerations of Mach 6, which is six times the speed of sound
* It uses electromagnetic energy to propel a metal projectile at huge speeds
* Powerful missiles are fuelled by a 'pulse power system' and ship electricity
* Navy has been working on the gun since 2005 and say it is the future of warfare

The US Navy has revealed the latest tests of a radical electromagnetic gun that can fire projectiles at six times the speed of sound.

Described as 'Star Wars technology' by researchers, these powerful missiles don't rely on chemical propellants and are fuelled by electricity alone.

Strong magnetic fields a 'pulse power system' is used to send propellants flying at 4,500mph, and the technology has previously been shown to penetrate concrete at 100 miles away.

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WNU Editor: They are definitely making advances in this technology.

China Prepares For The Worst With North Korea

Chinese and North Korean flags outside the closed Ryugyong Korean Restaurant in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, China, April 12, 2016.Reuters/Joseph Campbell

Wall Street Journal: China Prepares for a Crisis Along North Korea Border

Beijing bolsters defenses along its 880-mile frontier and realigns forces in surrounding regions

BEIJING—China has been bolstering defenses along its 880-mile frontier with North Korea and realigning forces in surrounding regions to prepare for a potential crisis across their border, including the possibility of a U.S. military strike.

A review of official military and government websites and interviews with experts who have studied the preparations show that Beijing has implemented many of the changes in recent months after initiating them last year.

They coincide with repeated warnings by U.S. President Donald Trump that he is weighing military action to halt North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, while exerting pressure on China to do more to rein in Pyongyang.

Recent Chinese measures include establishing a new border defense brigade, 24-hour video surveillance of the mountainous frontier backed by aerial drones, and bunkers to protect against nuclear and chemical blasts, according to the websites.

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WNU Editor: The Chinese are getting nervous .... and they should be.

Did President Trump 'Cross A Line' When He Asked Active-Duty Personnel To Lobby Congress?

Andrew Exum, The Atlantic: The Dangerous Politicization of the Military

By asking active-duty personnel to lobby Congress in their own self-interest, President Trump crossed an important line.

Last week, the head of the French armed forces angrily resigned after disagreements with his new president, Emmanuel Macron, over the defense budget.

This was the first resignation of its kind in France in six decades, but it was enough to remind me how much Americans take healthy civil-military relations for granted. Unlike the French, for example, who have had some terrible episodes between their civilian and military leaders over the years, Americans have never had to disband a parachute infantry regiment because it literally threatened to drop onto the nation’s capital and depose the elected government.

That’s not to say we haven’t had our issues, but aside from Douglas MacArthur’s repeated (and successful) attempts to embarrass himself and his profession, Americans have rarely had to worry about the U.S. military and its leadership as a threat to the Republic.

Current and former U.S. military officers take great pride, in fact, in the way in which the active-duty officer corps is seen as being above politics.

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WNU Editor: OMG!!!!! .... a politician acting as as politician when he is in the company of military personnel. For as long as I can remember every U.S. President has tried to use the military to promote his political agenda .... sadly but not surprising .... President Trump is doing the same thing. As to U.S. military personnel now running out and obeying President Trump by calling their elected representatives by saying that he told them to do so .... please .... I am willing to bet that when all was said and done, these military personnel were more interested in going home to their loved ones and then calling their Congressman/woman.

Washington Filled With Rumours Of Major Changes In The Trump Administration

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (left) and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. REUTERS

Washington Post: New communications director moves toward possible staff purge at White House

Anthony Scaramucci, the flashy financier President Trump hired to overhaul the White House communications operation, is exercising a broad mandate from the president and intends to follow through on threats to purge aides he believes are disloyal to Trump and leaking to the press, officials with knowledge of the fast-moving effort said Monday.

Just four days into the job, Scaramucci has moved into Trump’s inner sanctum and is now described by some colleagues as almost family to the president — in contrast to his predecessor, outgoing press secretary Sean Spicer, who was described more like the help.

In consultation with confidants inside and outside the administration, Scaramucci has begun undertaking an audit of the White House’s dozens of press and communications staffers. He is meeting one-on-one with aides in an effort to understand each person’s contributions and weed out those he determines are not working hard enough to defend the president through the crises besieging the White House, according to several of the officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive internal issues.

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WNU Editor: There is zero evidence that President Trump is on the verge of replacing some key cabinet members of his administration, but it is not stopping the press corp and punditry class from speculating on who is staying and who is going ....

Trump shames Sessions amid shake-up speculation (Politico)
Cruz being considered to replace Sessions: report (The Hill)
Unrest bubbles among Trump's key foreign policy aides: sources (Reuters)
Could Rex Tillerson quit as Secretary of State just months into job? Friends from 'outside Washington' claim he is on the brink (Daily Mail)
A chill emanating from the White House reaches State Department (CNN)

As to what is my take .... it is hard to run a government when you are the outsider .... and the people who you choose at the beginning to be in your administration may not be the ones you want a few months later. I experienced this once in a business venture .... and I suspect that President Trump is experiencing this in government right now..

China's Anti-Corruption Drive Claims Its First Victim From The Politburo

The Chinese Communist Party's anti-graft watchdog is investigating Sun Zhengcai (pictured), who was once seen as a contender for a top leadership post, a report said

Daily Mail: Chinese President Xi Jinping's 'possible successor' is removed from his party post and investigated by anti-corruption watchdog

* Sun Zhengcai, 53, was once seen as a contender for a top leadership post
* The high-ranking official is being investigated for 'serious discipline violation'
* He was the party chief in Chongqing, the same position of disgraced Bo Xilai

The Chinese Communist Party's anti-graft watchdog has launched an investigation into a Politburo member who was once seen as a contender for a top leadership post, state media reported Monday.

The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection is investigating Sun Zhengcai, who until a week ago was party chief in the major city of Chongqing.

Sun, 53, is being investigated for 'serious discipline violation', Xinhua news agency said in a report on July 24.

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WNU Editor: In China .... these types of charges will end a career, and the person who is facing these charges almost always end up facing hard time.

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Video Of The Attack In Jordan That Killed Three Green Berets Has Been Leaked (Video)

SOFREP: Eagle Down: The murder of three Green Berets, the video Jordan doesn’t want you to see.

On November 4th 2016 Green Berets Matthew Lewellen, Kevin McEnroe, and James Moriarty assigned to 5th Special Forces Group based out of Ft. Campbell, KY approached the Prince Faisal Airbase in Jordan in their vehicle along with one Jordanian military officer. They were assigned the IA mission, meaning inter-agency, as a part of the CIA’s Timber Sycamore covert operation to train and arm so-called moderate Syrian rebels. At the gate there was an exchange of gunfire which Jordanian authorities have described as a, “chain of unfortunate events.”

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WNU Editor: To say that it is a disturbing video is an understatement .... and from what I can tell .... it looks like this attack was premeditated and the sole purpose was to kill as many Americans as possible.

Tweets For Today

Is Venezuela On The Brink Of Civil War?

Max Brooks, The Hill: Could Venezuela be on the brink of a civil war as bloody as Syria?

We Americans are really good at getting sucker-punched. From Pearl Harbor to Sputnik to 9/11 and the Syrian civil war, we constantly ask ourselves, “Hey, how’d that happen, and why didn’t we prepare for it?”

Well, a new fist is hurtling out of the not-too-distant future. It's the Venezuelan civil war.

Recently, a stolen police helicopter attacked the Venezuelan Supreme Court with grenades and automatic weapons. While no one was hurt, the incident should serve as a wake-up call for the entire Western Hemisphere, including the United States. The attack demonstrates a quantum escalation of the hunger-fueled conflict that has consumed the country for close to a year. Hunger is the key word. Hunger is the most basic of human suffering. Remember that rising food prices helped fuel the Arab Spring, which has left the world with a chaotic, fractured, refugee-hemorrhaging Middle East.

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Update: Is Venezuela on the verge of civil war? (Francisco Toro, Washington Post).

WNU Editor: I have been covering and studying wars and conflicts for years .... 10 years with this blog. I can only say this .... this is how a country collapse .... this is how civil wars start. Venezuelan President Maduro is now governing against the will of the people, and the government that he leads is not going to back-down or compromise in any way with the opposition. The opposition itself is also now at a point where they do not want to negotiate with President Maduro .... too much blood has been spilled. I have been saying for over a year that the Venezuelan crisis is going to get worse .... and sadly .... I can easily see it spiralling into a situation where today's unrest will be seen as pale in comparison.

The Unrest In Venezuela Continues To Grow

Bloomberg: ‘They All Deserve to Die’: Caracas Militants Vow to Take Up Arms

* Signs of initial stirrings of an urban guerrilla movement
* Mainstream opposition worries about dangers of ‘radical boys’

It was quiet in the dank basement in northwest Caracas, where dozens of young men and women sat on the floor and assembled their weapons. They poured asphalt, gasoline and paint into beer and pop bottles, tying knots in strips of fabric to fashion wicks.

Molotov cocktails are cheap and easy to make. Whether they’re doing the job is at the core of a bitter debate in Venezuela. After months of relentless demonstrations against President Nicolas Maduro, many militants are frustrated. The crew in the basement talked about it in hushed voices -- they didn’t want anyone in the middle-class neighborhood to find them out. It was clear, though, that many had reached their limit.

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Maduro vows Venezuela vote will go ahead -- Euronews
Venezuela crisis enters pivotal week, Maduro foes protest -- Reuters
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Venezuela congress going ahead despite 'imperial' threat: Maduro -- Reuters
Venezuela's Opposition, and Its Famous Protesting Violinist, Vow to Fight On -- Kevin Lui, Time
"We Are Tired Of Being Killed" Venezuelan Opposition Vows Violent Response To Maduro Power Grab -- Zero Hedge
In Venezuela today the nightmare of imposed equality and the horror of human misery is on full display -- Herb London, FOX News
Venezuelan Bonds Extend Selloff as Maduro Rejects Trump Warning -- Bloomberg
Aggressive U.S. Oil Sanctions Could Bankrupt Venezuela -- Nasdaq
Venezuela Will Be The First Sovereign Oil Producer To See An "All-Out Collapse" -- Zero Hedge
Aggressive U.S. Oil Sanctions Could Bankrupt Venezuela -- Nick Cunningham, OilPrice.com

Picture Of The Day

Ships from the Indian Navy, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF), and the US Navy sail in formation, July 17, 2017, in the Bay of Bengal as part of Exercise Malabar 2017.(US Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Cole Schroeder)

WNU Editor: The above picture is from this photo gallery .... 15 photos of Malabar 2017: US, India, and Japan's war games held amid China's growing influence (Business Insider).

Will The U.S. Air Force's B-2 Bombers Work During A Nuclear War?

People without security clearances aren’t going to learn what the winning design for the Long Range Strike Bomber looks like anytime soon, but the Northrop Grumman B-2 bomber probably bears some resemblance. The lack of a fuselage or tail makes it much harder to track with radar; unfortunately, its stealth coatings and other “low-observable” features are a nightmare to maintain. (Wikipedia)

Kris Osbron, National Interest: Would America's B-2 Stealth Bombers Work During a Nuclear War?

Air Force engineers explain that UHF connectivity, which is able to send and receive voice and data beyond line of sight, is recoverable in the event of a nuclear detonation but could be substantially degraded. Such a scenario underscores the need to build in strengthened communications links and redundancies to ensure connectivity in extremely high-risk or challenged environments such as those caused by nuclear explosions.

The Air Force is upgrading computer and communications technology for its B-2 stealth bomber so the aircraft is prepared to execute attack missions in the event of nuclear war.

The service is integrating more resilient receivers, processors and waveforms better able to function in an environment where there has been a nuclear detonation - a circumstance called high-altitude electro-magnetic pulse environment.

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WNU Editor: Apparently the answer is yes. But if it is a full-out nuclear exchange, where will the B-2 land?

Monday, July 24, 2017

President Trump Authorising The US Navy To Conduct More Freedom To Carry Out Patrols In The South China Sea

(Click on Image to Enlarge)

South China Sea: Trump signs off on plan to allow US Navy more freedom to patrol in South China Sea, report says

Operations in disputed waters could become ‘very regular, very routine’, Breitbart News quotes US official as saying

US President Donald Trump has ­reportedly approved a plan to give the United States Navy more freedom to carry out patrols in the South China Sea – a move analysts say will add to uncertainties over Sino-US relations and regional security issues.

The plan, submitted to the White House in April by Defence Secretary Jim Mattis, outlines a full-year schedule of when US navy ships will sail through contested waters in the South China Sea, the far-right Breitbart News website cited a US official as ­saying yesterday.

Such a move could be seen as a challenge to China’s maritime claims in the disputed waters.

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WNU Editor: China failed to deliver on North Korea .... hence we now have this.

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EXCLUSIVE: Trump’s Pentagon Plans to Challenge Chinese Claims in South China Sea -- Breitbart
Trump signs off on plan to give US Navy more freedom in S. China Sea – report -- Asian Correspondent
Trump Just Approved A Plan For The US Navy To Check Beijing In The South China Sea -- Task & Purpose/Business Insider
Donald Trump puts pressure on China, allows US Navy to patrol South China Sea -- News Nation
China under pressure as Donald Trump gives US Navy more freedom in South China Sea -- Economic Times

Chinese Spy Ship Off The Coast Of Australia (Update)

A Chinese spy ship was spotted off the Queensland coast monitoring Australia and US military exercises. (ABC News)

ABC News Online: China's state media warns of further warship deployment to Western waters

An influential Beijing-controlled news outlet has warned the recent deployment of a Chinese spy ship close to the Queensland coast is just the "beginning of China's future operations".

The ABC revealed on Saturday that the high-tech Auxiliary General Intelligence (AGI) vessel was sighted by the Defence Force just outside Australian territorial waters during this month's Talisman Sabre military exercises.

Senior military officials have privately described the People's Liberation Army (PLA) move as "provocative" and "unfriendly", but the Defence Department has insisted the incident did not affect the war games between Australian and US forces.

Read more ....

WNU Editor: Yup .... Chinese military ships are popping up everywhere—and highlighting an embarrassing double standard (Steve Mollman, Quartz).

More News On The Chinese Deploying A Spy Ship Off The Coast Of Australia During Recent U.S.-Japan-Australia Naval Exercises

Chinese intel-gathering ship spotted near US-Australia exercise -- Defense News
Chinese spy ship acted within international law -- The Australian
Are Chinese Navy Spy Ships Within Exclusive Economic Zones Soon to Be a Fact of Life? -- The Diplomat
China's intelligence gathering at sea: Some implications -- The Interpreter
China's naval surveillance off Australia: Good news and bad -- The Interpreter

China Warns India Over Border Dispute

The Australian: Don’t push it, China warns India amid Himalayas stand-off

China’s Defence Ministry has warned India not to “push your luck” amid a tense confrontation over a strip of land high in the Himalayas.

Colonel Wu Qian yesterday told a press conference about next Tuesday’s 90th anniversary of the People’s Liberation Army: “China’s resolve to safeguard its sovereignty and security interests is unshakeable”, adding it would do so “at whatever cost”.

The PLS spokesman said he wanted to “remind India: do not push your luck and cling to any fantasies”.

The “reminder” was an implied reference to the last major border confrontation between the two great Asian powers, in 1962, also in the Himalayan region, which China effectively won, after the deaths of 1383 Indian troops and 722 Chinese.

“Shaking a mountain is easy, but shaking the PLA is hard,” ­Colonel Wu said.

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China warns India of its ‘resolve’ amid border standoff -- Washington Post/AP
China warns India not to harbour illusions in border stand-off -- Reuters
China will protect border with India ‘at all costs’ -- SCMP
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China Urges India to 'Immediately' Withdraw Troops From Disputed Himalayan Area -- Sputnik
China warns India not to ‘push its luck’ amid border stand-off in Himalayas -- Newsline/RT
Armed conflict 'inevitable' if Doklam standoff continues: Chinese media -- Business Standard
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