Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Percentage Breakdown Of Ethnic Russians Living Next Door To Russia

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Putin Pledges To Protect All Ethnic Russians Anywhere. So, Where Are They? -- Radio Free Europe

In recent weeks, the Russian government has articulated what might be called the Putin Doctrine, a blanket assertion that Moscow has the right and the obligation to protect Russians anywhere in the world.

Speaking on Russian television last month, Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for President Vladimir Putin, said that "Russia is the country on which the Russian world is based" and that Putin "is probably the main guarantor of the safety of the Russian world."

The ebbing and flowing of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union over recent centuries have left millions of ethnic Russians and Russian speakers outside the borders of today's Russian Federation.

Many of them -- from Moldova's Transdniester to eastern Ukraine and elsewhere -- have responded to the Putin Doctrine with calls for Russian "protection."

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My Comment: Each of these regions have the potential to be a tinderbox that can be lit on fire .... eastern Ukraine may be just the first of many uprisings.

Inside The 'Donetsk People's Republic'

Inside The 'Donetsk People's Republic': Balaclavas, Stalin Flags And Razorwire -- The Guardian

Pro-Russian militants say they have no intention of leaving their eastern Ukraine base, and insist Moscow is with them

It is part Soviet theme park, part wacky anti-western wonderland. Stuck to the barricades outside the "Donetsk People's Republic" are several caricatures of Barack Obama. There is Obama as Hitler, complete with moustache. There is Obama, Bonaparte and the F├╝hrer, and the words: "They all thought their nations were superior." And there is Obama as a monkey (the monkey-Obama, visible on Friday, had disappeared by Saturday).

Further inside, past a serpentine wall of tyres, activist Vitaly Akulov stood beneath a flag of Stalin. The Soviet leader had a Kalashnikov. Wasn't he responsible for the deaths of millions of Soviet citizens? "Without a tough tsar who uses harsh methods you can't build an imperium," Akulov observed. Other banners read: "Fuck EU and USA", "Donbass with Russia" and "Russians should be together!"

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My Comment: As I had mentioned in a previous post .... this was the first region that started the protests that eventually led to the dissolution of the Soviet Union. These people are incredibly hard working, independent, and fiercely pro-Russian .... I always think of the people (in District 12) in the movie "The Hunger Games" when describing who these people are .... and how determined they are in getting what they want.With such a backdrop .... this is one of he many reason on why I am not optimistic for Ukraine's future. It is a country whose borders were established during the height of the Soviet Union that failed to recognize the dominant Russian component of Eastern Ukraine .... but because of treaty and international accords .... they must now respect.

Gun Attack Shakes Easter Truce In Ukraine

Deadly Gun Attack In Eastern Ukraine Shakes Fragile Easter Truce -- Reuters

(Reuters) - At least two people were killed in a gunfight early on Sunday near a Ukrainian city controlled by pro-Russian separatists, shaking an already fragile international accord that was designed to avert a wider conflict.

After the deaths, Russia questioned whether Ukraine's Western-backed government was complying with the agreement, brokered last week in Geneva, to end a crisis that has made Russia's ties with the West more fraught than at any time since the Cold War.

The separatists said gunmen from Ukraine's Right Sector nationalist group had attacked them. The Right Sector denied any role, saying Russian special forces were behind the clash.

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More News On Today's Gun Attack In Slavyansk, Ukraine

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My Comment: I do not know if Ukraine's Right Sector nationalist group was involved in this attack, but I do know from my friends and family in Ukraine that this group is intimidating and threatening non-Ukrainians throughout the country. And while the interim Ukraine government has tried to reign in this group .... including killing the leader of it's para-military wing .... this group has the potential to derail any hope of reconciliation in Ukraine. Case in point .... some are pointing to this group as being the ones responsible for raising a "red flag" by distributing these anti-Semitic leaflets last week.